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Simple Income Protection Plan Helps Protect Against Sickness Or Accident

An income protection plan is often considered the preserve of higher income earners, but now the Shepherds Friendly Simple Income Protection plan makes it affordable for workers in all sectors to protect their income against being absent from work due to sickness or an accident.

In today’s tough economic conditions it really does make sense to protect against an extended period off work and to ensure that you still have sufficient monthly income to enable you to keep meeting those regular household bills that just have to be paid each month.

Simple Income Protection cover starts from as little as 17p a day and you can cover up to 70% of your normal monthly income, up to a maximum benefit of £49,000 a year. There is a choice of waiting periods from 2 weeks up to 52 weeks before benefits start to be paid and the plan is flexible to allow you to adjust your premium and benefits level to suit any changing circumstances.

Waiver of premium is included meaning you do not have to pay any premiums while you’re away from work ill and you can choose to include indexation, with this option the benefits and premiums will automatically increase annually in line with the Consumer Prices Index.

Shepherds Friendly has a wealth of experience in income protection, having been helping families with their finances since 1826, and this expertise allied to competitive rates and an excellent record on meeting claims means that all workers now have the opportunity to provide cover for their income and enjoy peace of mind should misfortune strike.

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