What is Over 50s Life Insurance?

We explain how Over 50s Life Insurance works and what the benefits of it are

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Shepherds Friendly Over 50s Life Insurance Facts

family with protection

Whole of Life Insurance plan

Over 50s Life Insurance is a monthly life insurance plan for those aged 50-80 years old which aims to give you the peace of mind that your family will get a helping hand when you pass away.

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Guaranteed acceptance

You are guaranteed to be accepted when applying.

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No medical

You don’t need to fill in any medical forms to open the plan.

coin stack

coin stack

Guaranteed tax-free cash lump sum

A guaranteed tax-free cash lump sum will be paid to your family or loved ones when you die.

peace of mind

Peace of mind

Family can spend the cash lump sum on anything, such putting it towards the cost of a funeral.

funeral funding icon

Funeral funding option

You have an option to get a £300 bonus on top of your guaranteed cash lump sum, if you dedicate the money to Golden Chartered Funeral Care.

How does Over 50s Life Insurance work?

Can be opened by any 50-80 year old

If you are aged between 50 and 80 years old and live in the UK, then you should be eligible to open the plan

50 - 80

premium options

Choose your own premium

You have the flexibility to choose your own premium, which can between £10-£50 a month

Your premium never increases

Your monthly premium is locked and will never increase. You will stop paying your premium when you turn 90, or when you die

premium is locked

funeral funding icon

Increase your level of cover

If you would like to increase your total level of cover, then you can take out another plan. As long as your monthly premiums do not exceed £50

A tax-free cash lump sum is paid out to your loved ones


If you die once your Over 50s Life Insurance has been in place for two or more years, we will pay the full guaranteed cash lump sum.


We will pay the full cash lump sum if you die in an accident, within the first two years of the plan.


If you die of natural causes within the first two years of the plan, we will pay one and a half times the premiums you have paid in.

Get a quick quote for your Over 50s Life Insurance plan

How much your loved ones receive depends on a few things, including your monthly premium and age.
This tool should give you an idea of how much you can afford and how much your loved ones could receive.

What is your current age?

Have you consumed tobacco
products in the past 3 years?

your premium

Your premium: £10

What your loved ones will receive:


How do you open Over 50s Life Insurance with Shepherds Friendly?

The easiest way to open a Shepherds Friendly Over 50s Life Insurance plan is to follow our online quote and application.

Find out more information about the Shepherds Friendly Over 50s Life Insurance, including the key features document.

Alternatively, you can open an Over 50s Life Insurance plan by calling our Customer Services team on 0333 305 9696

Still not sure?

If you’re still not sure whether or not the our Over 50s Life Insurance plan is right for you, then just fill in the form below and we will email you some more information for you to read when you get the chance. We’ll keep you informed about our products too, but don’t worry, we won’t fill up your inbox with spam or share your details with anyone else.