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Tax-exempt saving for you

Our tax-exempt savings plans are designed to help you save for your medium to long-term future

Saving for your future, tax-exempt with Shepherds Friendly

Whatever your goals are for your medium to long-term future, saving tax-efficiently can help you to make the most of your money, leaving more for you and less for the taxman. We offer a choice of savings plans, our Stocks and Shares ISA, our tax-exempt Bonus Plan and our Five Year Fixed Bond, all offering regular savings options and aim to pay you a bonus or an interest rate on top of your savings.

The plans invest in our With-Profits Fund, an investment fund made up of a broad variety of assets including stocks and shares, bonds, gilts property and more. The fund is medium to low risk for a stocks and shares investment, and aims to provide you with higher growth on your savings over the medium to long-term than would be available in a cash-based savings account or ISA.

Here is a quick summary of our plans to help you make your mind up:

Stocks and Shares ISA Bonus Plan 5 Year Fixed Rate Bond
Open from: £30 per month / £100 lump sum £10 per month £1,000 lump sum investment
Saving type: Monthly, annually, lump sums Monthly, annually Single lump sum
Maximum annual contribution: £20,000 £300 £125,000 single lump sum
Withdrawals allowed: Yes No No
Minimum plan term: None 10 Years 5 Years
Invested in: With-Profits Fund With-Profits Fund With-Profits Fund
Annual bonuses: Yes Yes No. Fixed annual rate of interest
Life insurance included: No Yes Yes
How to open: Online, phone Online, phone Online, phone
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Stocks and Shares ISA

Stocks and Shares ISA

Our Stocks and Shares ISA aims to take the confusion out of investing for your future, offering one fund that is managed on your behalf. Your money is invested in a broad variety of assets, including stocks and shares, bonds, property, gilts and more, and we aim to pay you an annual bonus into your fund, the value of which will depend on the fund’s performance within that year. The way we manage your investment means our Stocks and Shares ISA is a medium to low-risk investment option.

Bonus Plan

Bonus Plan

The aim of our Bonus Plan is to provide you with a long-term, tax-exempt savings plan that aims to pay you annual bonuses to boost your savings. Invested in our With-Profits Fund, the Bonus Plan is considered to be a medium to low-risk investment. You can open a Bonus Plan even if you have already used your annual ISA allowance, maximising your tax-exempt savings. The plan also has an element of life insurance included.

5 year fixed rate bong product image

5 Year Fixed Rate Bond

Our 5 Year Fixed Rate Bond is a savings plan where your money is invested into a With-Profits fund with a guaranteed return on your invested lump sum after a fixed term of five years. Your entire investment into the Bond is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), something that is standard across all of our savings plans.

Why choose us for tax-exempt saving?

When you invest for your future you’ll want to make sure your money is being managed by a company with a strong and proven track record, and that you can trust.

We’ve been looking after family finances for nearly 200 years, and invest in a responsible manner with the aim of getting you returns on your investment.

We’re a mutual so we are owned and run by our members. When you take out a savings plan with us you will become a member of our society and in doing so will have a voice on how the society is run and will also get to vote on key issues within the company.