Bonus Plan Quote & Application

Before you begin...

Before you begin your quote and application for our Bonus Plan, you should make sure you understand the plan that you’re applying for. In order to do this please read our Important information about us document, as well as our Key Information Document below. You can download this and keep it safe for future reference.


  • How your investment performs may vary during the term of the Bonus Plan. Because of this you may have a higher or lower lump sum than you expect at the end of the Bonus Plan.
  • If you take your money out of the Bonus Plan during the first few years, you are unlikely to get back as much as you have put in.
  • If you take your money out at any time before the end of the Bonus Plan, you may have to pay to do so. This cost could be more or less than the examples in this leaflet.

In order to complete this application you will need the following:

  • Your National Insurance Number
  • The sort code and account number of the bank account you wish to make payments from

Once you have all of this information to hand, please press ‘get started’. The process should take around 10 minutes to complete.

Finally, if you have a promotional code, please enter it here:

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