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What to do after someone passes away

When someone in the family dies it’s a cause of great distress to all and the most difficult time possible to sort out essential tasks such as arranging the funeral, handling outstanding financial issues and distributing the assets of any Will, assuming one had been made in advance.

The first steps to take in the event of a death in the family are:

    • Notify the family doctor
    • Register the death at the relevant Registrar’s Office or via the ‘Tell Us Once‘ service
    • Establish whether the deceased made a Will

PLEASE NOTE: If you have recently had the misfortune of a death in the family where the deceased held a life cover or savings plan with Shepherds Friendly it is very important that you get in touch with us and let us know of this sad event.

Having carried out these first key steps, you can then move on to the more detailed procedures you need to follow. Here we take a look at some of the critical issues involved to help provide you with a useful guide through what will certainly be a stressful period for all the family.

We take a look at:

Wills – How you should deal with the deceased’s estate if they had made a Will and how to proceed if there was in fact no Will in place. Read more »

Probate – What this means and how you should apply for it if required. Read more »

Inheritance Tax – What is it, when does it become applicable and who pays it. Read more »